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Results and reports

SSNAP reports on the clinical audit to all inpatient teams every 3 months and to non-inpatient teams every 6 months. SSNAP also reports to all teams annually. All SSNAP reports are available to download from our results section. You can view the outputs for each reporting period here, including annual reports.

Clinical audit results 

Reports are produced at: provider, ISDN, country and national level. Outputs include:
  • Colour-coded performance table: a concise, visual representation of a hospital’s performance across 10 key aspects of stroke care; an overall SSNAP score is also given
  • Summary results portfolio: more detailed analysis of every hospital’s performance across each key indicator of care measured by SSNAP.
  • Full results portfolio: enables users to further drill down into the data for deeper analysis, e.g. case mix variation, atrial fibrillation status upon admission or discharge, infection rates, length of stay, etc. It contains every data item reported by SSNAP as well as a transfer tree, technical guidance and details on case ascertainment and audit compliance
  • Easy Access Version report: written specifically for stroke survivors and their carers, using simple language and colour coded maps to display results across each domain of care.
  • Public infographic: summarising areas of improvement and positive findings from the latest reporting period
  • Country results portfolio: Detailed spreadsheet providing results for all measures collected in SSNAP at a country level.
For more detail about outputs, frequency and forthcoming dates, please see:

Reporting outputs - frequency

Reporting outputs - forthcoming dates

Annual SSNAP reports

SSNAP produces an annual report for the clinical audit to summarise the annual data regarding process and outcomes from stroke care into key messages for both those who provide and procure stroke care in hospitals and in the community across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The cover of each report is illustrated by a stroke survivor. You can read the annual report and view the artwork via the links below. 

Annual reports Annual report artists

Mortality reporting

In addition to analysing and reporting results based on data submission to SSNAP, 30 day case mix adjusted mortality after stroke is also reported back to services. Higher than expected mortality rates may signal an issue with a particular stroke service. Mortality is reported annually as to report it more frequently does not yield high quality data. Mortality reporting is only possible by linking SSNAP records using the NHS number, with data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in order to determine mortality for the directly admitted patients with known stroke type. It is a privilege for teams to have access to this linked data and it should be treated with a great degree of sensitivity in accordance with information governance rules.

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