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Reports and results - Easy Access Version Reports

SSNAP Easy Access Version (EAV) Reports

SSNAP Easy Access Version (EAV) Reports show how well hospitals treat stroke patients.

The information is written in a way that is easy to understand.

SSNAP assess 10 measures of stroke care.

SSNAP EAV reports explain the 10 measures of care in a simple and structured way.

Maps show the results for each measure across the England, Wales, & Northern Ireland.


Every 3 months, SSNAP produce a national EAV report (for all patients in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland).


How do I access EAV reports?

Please note:
SSNAP have not been reporting hospital scores during the COVID-19 pandemic.
This means that the last time SSNAP made EAV reports SSNAP was October-December 2019.

To download EAV reports:
  • go to the SSNAP  national results page
  • select the time period of interest in the dropdown box.

How did SSNAP develop EAVs?

SSNAP Easy Access Version (EAV) reports were developed with:
  • patient groups
  • stroke survivors from the SSNAP steering group,
  • Speakeasy (a charity that supports people with communication difficulties like aphasia)
The EAV report layout, colours, symbols, and text size were discussed with stroke survivors.

As a result, SSNAP EAV reports can be read by patients with aphasia, and their families and carers.

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